Secure Way of Creating an Email Account

It is hard for a person who is not familiar with internet and computer like creating email address. With all the demand today that almost everything you do need emails address. This is the reason why most people have their own email ID now. You can visit for more information about electronic mail. But many people make mistake on creating an address which leads them to account being hack or stolen identity. We need precautions in whatever activity we made online because there are many wise lurking thieves that are ready to eat their prey. You might need the tips below mentioned in this article. Just continue your way and read the entire content.

  1. Create an email ID that is safe. Do not put your whole personal information in creating an email such as your full name or whole SSS number. It is not wise to put that information since it will be used against you by the hackers that are getting wiser every day.
  2. Create an email ID that is unique. No two people with the same email service have the same email ID. This is the rule of the most email services paid or free. Which makes it a challenging task of creating an ID. Best if you can make a list of the safe information you want to out on your email address and try if it’s already taken by others.
  3. Create an email ID that is personal. Having a little bit personal touch when creating an address helps your family, friends and co-workers remember easily that it belongs to you. Do not overdue being unique because you’ll end up the only one remembering your email ID.

These are the three important tips you can do to prevent attackers on accessing your important accounts. Login to gmail for more details about how to sign up for an email account.

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