How to Subscribe to Securitas ePay?

Does your company will use Securitas ePay? Good thing since this online payroll system is very beneficial not just to the employer but as well as with the employee. If you don’t have an account yet, it is very to sign up. How? Just follow the instructions below:image2

  1. Should you wish to get an account with the commercial verifier just look at the
  2. If you need to obtain your account, press the sign in at Securitas epay login page. There is a screen that pops-out and have one to enter your very own Social Security number to redirect you on your own page.
  3. However,should you be a beginner to the software, it’s important to enroll your individual social security number first to obtain a web based account.
  4. To start with the points put in first your preferred user name after which simply click the “Continue” tab.
  5. You also must type in your very own password or PIN. You may make your personal one and after that simply click “Log In”.
  6. The second site, you may be presented with the presentation of the application. Remember to review the page thoroughly and simply click on “Continue” now you are finished.
  7. You could have the selections for the computer to note the specifics you entered in the registration or not. Should you use an exclusive device, you may click on “Yes” in case not, hit ‘No” and then the “Continue” link.
  8. Select also what security picture you’d like and again press “Continue”.
  9. Provide the solution to the question you have selected. Simply click “Continue” button when you take into observation finish off this process. Just simply enhance your email address and also phone numbers.
  10. Once you are finished, review every detail you have typed. When you are in the content, just press the “Complete” tab for your details to be stored and be signed up officially.

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