Functions of West Virginia Regional Jail

The West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional Facility is one of the well-run prisoners that ensures the public safety and also with the inmates and their sub-coordinates. The place is updated to have the best rehabilitation area for criminals before and after their trial person. You can find out more about the place in their website at For now, you can read some of their purposes in achieving the peace in West Virginia.image 3

1. Better security and discipline implemented inside to keep any dangerous and anti-social prisoners who cannot abide with other human population. These kinds of prisoners have been under the idleness, mental illness and lack of privacy. They are kept in a place where the organization and keep them under control and give peace to others.

2. The place is run with a mature, reflective, energetic and humanistic environment not just given to the inmates but also with all the sub-ordinates running the place. This is to ensure of getting the best out of each other and having peaceful relationship.

3. Leadership is greatly promoted in the place in every organization of the institution all the way down. Effective leadership is the goal to managing the institution and everyone abides the vision and goal of the jail to command control.

4. It has its own penal institution for the inmates in order for the people to follow reasonable laws in maintaining good physical and mental health. Facilities are made to ensure the goal and challenge everyone to remain a positive outlook in life even under prison. Staff and facility guarantees the laws should be abided so no one will be victimize under the institution.

You can visit regional jail site and find out more info. There are also details about the visiting hours and the current activities the place has for their residence.

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