Top List Places to Travel

Who would not want to see the country, regions or continents around the world? People travel to see something different which they did not saw on their own country. People also travel for pleasure.  There are many reasons why we travel and it depends on each tourist. The important here is to know where to travel and what beautiful places to go. Do you already have your own list of places to go? You can find some potential places to travel here in this article. Take some time reading and maybe you will get interested on the place and add one on your list.
a.    Northern Kenya in Africa. Have you been on a place where you can find lots of nature adventure activities? Here in this part of Africa though some of its parts are not ideal to go but there are still many things in which you can do and go. You can find some fog-shrouded mountains and lava desserts to see together with your family.
b.    Hvar, Croatia is one of those regions that is best when it comes to summer beach holiday. When you want to enjoy yourself on summer by beach parties and nightlife, this place is your number one on your list. The place is cooler than you expected from hot weather
c.    The Coastal Wales is a region to appreciate because the coastline shaped the country.  You can appreciate it through its nook, indents, cranny and estuary. Now on this year, this region becomes an independent country of its own.
Have you added the places above? It won’t hurt if you try. You can find more beautiful places to go on your holiday through internet. The best is to ask some travel agencies and they will give you some good suggestions. Enjoy and treasure every travel you have.